The Ultimate Guide to How Graphics Cards Work

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Dec 17
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How Graphics Cards Work: The Ultimate Guide

Ever wonder why that graphics card does so much for your PC gaming? We’re sharing the secrets – this post is all about how graphics cards work. Find out here.

We always hear how important it is to invest in a great graphics card when we’re purchasing components for a PC gaming setup.

When shopping for a high-quality graphics card, we can usually trust reviews to help make the right decision. But what are graphics cards, really? And why do we need a really fancy one for a quality PC gaming experience?

We put together an informative and useful guide to understanding graphics cards and how graphics cards work. Ready to learn some handy information? First, let’s talk about exactly what graphics cards are.

What Exactly Are Graphics Cards?

A graphics card, by definition, is a type of display adapter or video card. Graphics cards (also known as graphics adapters, graphics controllers, graphics boards, and graphics accelerator cards) are installed in most computing devices from laptops to desktops to mobile devices. A graphics card is there to display graphic data with color, definition, and clarity. Think of the graphics card as the computer component that processes the data needed to display high-quality visual content on your device’s screen.

Not all graphics cards are that simple, however. Some have very advanced graphical techniques and features while others have very basic functions.

How Graphics Cards Work

The graphics card will take data from the CPU (central processing unit) and turn it into visual pictures. Similar to your computer’s motherboard, the graphics card has a circuit board that includes a processor (called a GPU, or graphics processing unit), a heatsink, a processor fan, and RAM (memory). The graphics card also has a BIOS chip that stores the card’s settings and does diagnostic processes on the RAM upon starting up.

A graphics card’s GPU is much like your computer’s CPU. The difference is that a GPU is meant to perform very complex mathematics and geometric calculations in order to render graphics. Some

GPUs are even more powerful than CPUs. A GPU will also utilize specific programming to analyze and implement the data it processes.

Why Do I Need A Fancy Graphics Card For My PC Gaming Setup?

As stated above, a graphics card will render graphics clearly and quickly. Games today are incredibly complex and require the best graphics processing in order to get the full visual experience. If your graphics card is of poor quality, you may not get the experience you should be. A dedicated graphics card (one that you buy and install into your computer, as opposed to the stock one that comes with most computing devices) will have a much more sophisticated chip designed to process video along with generous RAM to increase smoothness and speed.

If your graphics card isn’t a specific combination of super fast, very smooth at processing, and loaded with an ample amount of memory (RAM) then you may find yourself dealing with poor quality graphics and video quality in your gaming.

Start Shopping For Graphics Cards!

Now that you know exactly how graphics cards work, you can effectively make the right decision when buying one for your setup.

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